Comprehensive travel program analysis, technology consulting and integration, and strategic sourcin.

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Ronnow Marketing launches series of benchmarking and consulting modules


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Ronnow Marketing launches new diagnostic for the improvement for corporate travel programs


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Ronnow Marketing “De-Mystifies” corporate travel for an organization busting at the seams


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Ronnow Marketing Solutions is a consulting firm with core business competencies in developing, managing, and optimizing corporate travel programs. Comprehensive travel program analysis, technology consulting and integration, and strategic sourcing are just some examples of how Ronnow Marketing optimizes your corporate travel expenditures.

Our associates distinguish themselves by bringing corporate travel experience and strong business consulting backgrounds. Ronnow Marketing is unique because it is independent of technology companies that sell travel and is not owned or affiliated by a corporate travel agency. Unbiased expertise allows for results that are unmatched in the marketplace.





Corporate meetings and events typically represent 10-25% of a company’s travel spend. In most companies these meetings and events are planned and executed by administrative employees within each business unit or department with no corporate oversight. This decentralized approach lacks accountability and makes leveraging discounts nearly impossible. Ronnow Marketing optimizes meeting planning by leveraging existing vendor relationships and by utilizing best practices and technology to mitigate unnecessary expenses that arise from confused logistics, poor planning, or duplication of corporate efforts.


Ronnow Marketing’s Certified Meeting Professionals (CMP) manage meetings from site selection and sourcing to logistical support including registration, communications, and on-site management and planning. Most importantly, our Certified Meeting Professionals are able to tap Ronnow Marketing’s most experienced consultants for industry knowledge, best practices around air, car, and hotel procurement, and the benefit of experience from interaction with companies across the country and with varying needs.


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